1. Signup here:

2. You must have a SAND Token Wallet-Address, for that signup here: (Please use my Ref-Code: 19713519)

3. Now go to this page:

4. Watch the 4 videos and solve the Quiz (Info: Scroll down and click the button: “Take the quiz”).

5. Tokens will be automatically distributed to your wallet, when the quiz is over (approximately 2 weeks).

Quiz Answers:

  1. Question: What is the total supply of SAND tokens?

Answer: 3,000,000,000

2. Question: On which blockchain is The Sandbox ecosystem currently developed onto?

Answer: Ethereum.

3. Question: What is the main The Sandbox virtual world primary focus for users?

Answer: Playing games.

4. Question: What is NOT one of the main utility token of The Sandbox ecosystem?

Answer: Stablecoin.

5. Question: What is the name of the NFT Maker creation tool in The Sandbox that lets you make 3D game assets and tokenize them for putting on the Marketplace?

Answer: VoxEdit.

6. Question: How can users monetize their games on The Sandbox?

Answer: All of the above

7. Question: What tokens standards do The Sandbox use for its technology?

Answer: All of the above

8. Question: What can users do with the ASSETS bought on the marketplace?

Answer: Integrate them and Publish their game experiences.




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